Blob Data Type

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Is a complex data type. Variables of this data type differ from normal numeric and string variables in that BLOBs have a variable length. The maximum size of a BLOB(binary large object) is 2 GB.

Instance methods

The following methods are available on instances of the Blob data type.

Method name Description
CreateInStream(InStream [, TextEncoding]) Creates an InStream object for a binary large object (BLOB). This enables you to read data from the BLOB.
CreateOutStream(OutStream [, TextEncoding]) Creates an OutStream object for a binary large object (BLOB). This enables you to write data to the BLOB.
Export(Text) Exports a binary large object (BLOB) to a file.
HasValue() Determines whether a binary large object (BLOB) has a value.
Import(Text) Imports a binary large object (BLOB) from a file.
Length() Returns the number of bytes in the binary large object (BLOB).


Use BLOBs to store memos (text), pictures (bitmaps), or user-defined types.


You cannot view text that is stored in BLOBs from the development environment.

You can read from and write to BLOBs by creating input and output streams, respectively. To do so, use CreateInStream method (BLOB) and CreateOutStream method (BLOB).

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