FilterPageBuilder.GetView(Text [, Boolean]) Method

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Gets the filter view (which defines the sort order, key, and filters) for the record in the specified filter control of a filter page. The view contains all fields in the filter control that have a default filter value.


View :=   FilterPageBuilder.GetView(Name: Text [, UseNames: Boolean])


 Type: FilterPageBuilder
An instance of the FilterPageBuilder data type.

 Type: Text
The name of the filter control. This value must match the value of the Name parameter that was specified by AddTable, AddRecord, or AddRecordRef method that adds the table to the filter control.

[Optional] UseNames
 Type: Boolean
Specifies whether a field caption or field number should be returned. This parameter is optional. If this parameter is true (default value) or if it is empty, then the returned string contains references to field captions in the table with which the record is associated. If this parameter is false, then the returned string contains references to field numbers.

Return Value

 Type: Text
The view that is configured for the filter control that is identified by Name.


The following example initializes a filter page object that includes a filter control for the Date system table. The filter control has the caption of Date record. The example adds two filter fields to the filter control on the filter page as the result of applying a default view. The GetView method is used to capture that filter view from the FilterPageBuilder object, and then apply it to the record.

    varDateItem: Text[300];  
    varDateRecord: Record Date;  
    varFilterPageBuilder: FilterPageBuilder;  
    varDefaultView: Text[300];

    varDateItem := 'Date record';  
    varDateRecord.SetFilter("Period End", '12122015D');  
    varDateRecord.SetFilter("Period Start", '01012015D');  
    varDefaultView := varDateRecord.GetView;  
    varFilterPageBuilder.AddTable(varDateItem, DATABASE::Date);  
    varFilterPageBuilder.SetView(varDateItem, varDefaultView);  
    if varFilterPageBuilder.RunModal = true then  

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