HttpContent Data Type

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Represents an HTTP entity body and content headers.

The following methods are available on instances of the HttpContent data type.

Method name Description
Clear() Sets the HttpContent object to a default value. The content contains an empty string and empty headers.
GetHeaders(var HttpHeaders) Gets the HTTP content headers as defined in RFC 2616.
ReadAs(var Text) Reads the content into the provided text.
ReadAs(var InStream) Reads the content into the provided text.
WriteFrom(Text) Sets HttpContent content to the provided text or stream.
WriteFrom(InStream) Sets HttpContent content to the provided text or stream.

An instance of HttpContent encapsulates the body and the associated headers of an HTTP request that will be sent to a remote endpoint or that is being received from a remote endpoint. The HttpContent data type is a value type. This means that when assigning an instance of HttpContent to a variable, a copy will be created.


The following example illustrates how to use the HttpContent type to send a simple POST request containing JSON data.

codeunit 50110 MyCodeunit
    procedure MakeRequest(uri: Text; payload: Text) responseText: Text;
        client: HttpClient;
        request: HttpRequestMessage;
        response: HttpResponseMessage;
        contentHeaders: HttpHeaders;
        content: HttpContent;
        // Add the payload to the content

        // Retrieve the contentHeaders associated with the content
        contentHeaders.Add('Content-Type', 'application/json');

        // Assigning content to request.Content will actually create a copy of the content and assign it.
        // After this line, modifying the content variable or its associated headers will not reflect in 
        // the content associated with the request message
        request.Content := content;

        request.Method := 'POST';

        client.Send(request, response);

        // Read the response content as json.

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