Record.Get([Any,...]) Method

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Gets a record based on values stored in primary key fields.


[Ok := ]  Record.Get([Value: Any,...])


 Type: Record
An instance of the Record data type.

[Optional] Value
 Type: Any

Return Value

[Optional] Ok
 Type: Boolean
true if the operation was successful; otherwise false. If you omit this optional return value and the operation does not execute successfully, a runtime error will occur.


This method always uses the primary key for the table. It ignores any filters that are set, except security filters. Security filters are applied or ignored based on the Security Filter Mode. The current key and filters are not changed after you call this method.


Get does not require specifying all fields of the key in the call; any omitted field is treated as default value (for example, ‘’ for text/code, false for boolean). You can only omit from the end of the key, not a field in the middle of a key. If a record with a blank/default value exists that is the one being returned, otherwise it will fail with a record does not exist error.


You cannot use the Get method to retrieve a record in a table by its primary key value if the primary key field in the table has the data type RecordID. This is because RecordId already is the primary key itself and not one of the fields that forms it, as the method expects. In this case, you can retrieve the record by using the SetRange Method.

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