Record.SetCurrentKey(Any [, Any,...]) Method

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Selects a key for a table.


[Ok := ]  Record.SetCurrentKey(Field1: Any [, Field2: Any,...])


 Type: Record
An instance of the Record data type.

 Type: Any

[Optional] Field2
 Type: Any

Return Value

[Optional] Ok
 Type: Boolean
true if the operation was successful; otherwise false. If you omit this optional return value and the operation does not execute successfully, a runtime error will occur.


You can use SetCurrentKey for selecting a key and sorting. When you use SetCurrentKey the following rules apply:

  • Inactive fields are ignored. Only active keys are scanned.

  • When searching for a key, the first occurrence of the specified fields is selected. This means the following:

    • If you specify only one field as a parameter when you call SetCurrentKey, the key that is actually selected may consist of more than one field.

    • If the field that you specify is the first component of several keys, the key that is selected may not be the key that you expect.

    • If no keys can be found that include the fields that you specify, the return value is false.

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