Demonstration License for Business Central On-Premises

The demo license is automatically installed when you install the Demo Option. The license gives access to any Business Central application, including the Base Application, and full access to app development.


The demo license is meant for exploring Business Central or developing apps.

Do not use the demo license for production environments.

Properties of the demo license

When the demo license is installed, you can:

  • Start ten simultaneous client sessions on any platform.
  • Create up to two companies.
  • Support an unlimited number of web users.
  • Run in any supported language.
  • Use all application functionality, including add-on products, local extensions and customizations in current and previous versions. This means that you can run and modify all object types within the range 1 to 99,999,999.

Limitations of the demo license

The demo license doesn't let you enter dates in months other than November, December, January, and February in any Business Central clients.

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