Direction Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets the XmlPort to import, export, or import and export data in XML format.

Applies to

  • Xml Port

Property Value

Value Available or changed with Description
Import runtime version 1.0 The XMLPort only imports data.
Export runtime version 1.0 The XMLPort only exports data.
Both runtime version 1.0 The XMLPort can import and export data.

If the XMLPort uses a request page, as specified by the UseRequestPage Property, then an option appears on the request page that enables the users to choose to import or export data. This is the default value.


Request pages show when the XMLport is run from an action page or the Run method in AL code. Request pages do not show with Export or Import methods

If the XMLPort does not use a request, then XMLPort defaults to Import, unless you specify the direction by Import parameter of the Run method.|


Direction = Import;

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