Key Properties

The keys associated with a table have properties that describe their behavior, just as tables and fields do. When you create a key, Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically suggests a number of default values for these properties. Depending on the purpose of the key, you will sometimes want to change these default values.


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Property Name Use
Enabled Determines whether the system will maintain any indexes for the key. You cannot use a key unless it is enabled.
Key Defines the key name and fields.
SumIndexFields Determines the fields for which the system will maintain a SumIndex.
MaintainSQLIndex Determines whether a SQL Server index corresponding to the fields in the key should be created.
MaintainSIFTIndex Determines whether SIFT indexes (indexed views) structures should be created in SQL Server to support the corresponding SumIndexFields for the Dynamics 365 Business Central key.
Clustered Sets a value that indicates whether the key defines the clustered index for the table.
SQLIndex Sets the actual fields and field order that are used in the corresponding index on SQL Server.
Unique Sets whether the value of a key must be unique.

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