NotBlank Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets a value that specifies whether users must enter a value in the selected field or text box.

Applies to

  • Table Field
  • Page Field


NotBlank = true;


You can use this property together with the InitValue Property to make sure that an entry is made in this field. This setting is evaluated for controls and fields during validation. Validation occurs only if the field or control value is updated through the UI, for example, if a value is updated on a page or if a field is updated in a table directly. If a field is updated through application code, then the NotBlank property is not validated.

You can set the NotBlank property to true on primary fields in a table. Setting the NotBlank property to true on other fields in a table does not cause a red star marking on the UI.

If the NotBlank property is used on other fields than primary fields, the behavior is as follows:

  • If the field is blank, and never entered, the page can be closed.

  • If the field has been entered, and the user tries to enter a blank value, a validation error occurs.

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