SaveValues Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets whether user-specific control values are saved for this page.

Applies to

  • Page
  • Request Page

Property Value

True if user-defined control values are saved; otherwise, false. The default is false.


The SaveValues property enables the Saved Settings feature on the request page, which saves a predefined group of options for a page or request page. When this property is enabled, filters that users set on the request page will be stored in the database, in the Page Data Personalization table. As a result, the filters are still set the next time request page is opened.

Filters are only saved when the request page is closed after the user selects either Print or an action from the Send To menu. The filters aren't saved when the request page closes after the user selects Preview or Cancel.

You can later use the saved settings to consistently generate the same reports, XMLports, or batch jobs. For more information about users work with saved settings, see Manage Saved Settings for Reports and Batch jobs in the business functionality help.


Together with the AllowScheduling Property, this property also determines whether the report supports multiple previews. When both the AllowScheduling and SaveValues properties are set to true, users can preview the report from the request page as many times as the like, without having the request page close. This capability lets users change filters, see what the generated report will look like, and then try again. If either property is set to false, the report won't support multiple previews and the request page closes once the user previews the report. In this case, the request page includes a Preview and Close button instead of Preview.

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