Scripts Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Specifies the list of scripts to include in the control add-in. The scripts could be local files in the package or references to external files using the http or the https protocol.

Applies to

  • Control Add In

Property Values

A list of comma-separated strings that represent paths to script files. The default is blank, with no scripts being used by the control add-in.


Although this property is optional, the control add-in must either specify the StartupScript property or specify one or more scripts. Scripts can be either external resources referenced using a URL or can be embedded within the extension. Embedded script files must be added to the extension project folder in Visual Studio Code and referenced using a relative path. For security and usability reasons, it is recommended to reference any external scripts by using the HTTPS protocol. Scripts are loaded immediately when the control add-in is initialized.


Scripts = '',

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