ShortcutKey Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets a shortcut key for selecting a menu item.

Applies to

  • Page Action
  • Page Custom Action
  • Page File Upload Action


ShortCutKey = 'Shift+Ctrl+D';


Pressing the key that you designate with this property provides the same result as selecting the action.


Actions are used in different contexts to drive different experiences in the user interface. Be aware that keyboard shortcuts are not supported across all contexts. For example, the ShortcutKey property is not supported for actions defined in area(sections) or area(embedding).

Some shortcut keys have default assignments. Don't reuse shortcut keys that are already assigned. For a list of these shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts for the Dynamics 365 Business Central Web Client.


The shortcut keys that you set with this property have precedence over the default shortcut keys of the web browser that you are using and that they will override their behavior.

For more information, see Adding Actions to a Page.

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