SourceTableView Property (Pages)

Version: Available from runtime version 1.0.

Sets the key, sort order, and filter you want to use to determine the view of the source table presented to the user.

Applies to

  • Pages


page 50101 MyCustomers
    PageType = List;
    SourceTable = Customer;
    // The view of the Customer table is sorted by the Name and "No." fields on descending order.
    SourceTableView = sorting (Name, "No.") order(descending)
 where ("Balance (LCY)" = filter (>= 50000), "Sales (LCY)" = filter (<> 0));
                field(Name; Name) { }
                field(Address; Address) { }
                field("Balance (LCY)"; "Balance (LCY)") { }

For more information on how you can scan, find, and limit records in a list, see Sorting, Searching, and Filtering Lists.


When you combine a descending sort order on SourceTableView with overriding the OnFindRecord, you may experience that the page displays the last record instead of the first when the page opens. You can resolve this condition by adding Rec.FindFirst in the OnOpenPage trigger, or using Find(-) in the OnFindRecord trigger.

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