StyleExpr Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets whether the format that is specified in the Style Property is applied to text in a field. For fields in a CueGroup control, this property is used to configure the color of the color indicator on the cue.

This note pertains to backward compatibility only. If the property is set to Boolean true or false, it sets whether the format specified in the Style property is applied to text in a field.

Applies to

  • Page Label
  • Page Field



The information in this topic is mainly applicable to formatting the text of page fields.

You can use a conditional setting of styles by inserting the conditional code in, for example, the OnAfterGetRecord Trigger. Remember to cover all cases in else branches to avoid incorrect styles. For example:

if (MyField = 'abc') 
        MyStyleVar := 'Ambiguous' 
        MyStyleVar := 'Favorable'


To use a variable for the StyleExpr property, it must be set as a global page variable.

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