SubPageLink Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets a link to a Factbox from a page. The following syntax is valid for the SubPageLink property:

SubPageLink = <TableFilters>
<TableFilters> ::= <TableFilter> {,<TableFilter>}
<TableFilter> ::= <PagePartTableFieldName> = CONST(<FieldConst>) | FILTER(<Filter>) | FIELD(<SourceFieldName>) |
FIELD(UPPERLIMIT(<SourceFieldName>)) | FIELD(FILTER(<SourceFieldName>)) | FIELD(UPPERLIMIT(FILTER(<SourceFieldName>)))

Applies to

  • Page Part
  • Page System Part
  • Page Chart Part

Syntax example

        ApplicationArea = All;
        SubPageLink = "Table ID" = const(36),"Document Type" = field("Document Type"),"Document No." = field("No.");


The link is updated when the current record changes.

For an example of how to use SubPageLink to update the content of a FactBox in the client as different items are selected in a list page.

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