Supporting documents, offer logo, screenshots, and video

Item Description
Offer logo The logo will appear on the marketplace search results and on your offer's storefront page. Upload the large size logo in .png format with dimensions between 216 pixels x 216 pixels and 350 pixels x 350 pixels. The system will automatically resize your original large logo to the other required sizes.


  • If you include any text in your logo, it should be readable.
  • Your logo should be designed and optimized for a digital medium, not a traditional print based logo.
  • Monitors emit light and paper absorbs light.
  • Color calibration across devices can affect the look and feel of your app:
  • All colors can be achieved by merging RGB (red, green, and blue) light, but monitors display only a limited range of the visible spectrum at a lowmedium resolution, usually 72-75 dots per inch.
  • Print production usually requires a four-color process CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) in high resolution of at least 300 dpi.


Item Description
Video Pictures tell more than a 100 words – make sure to leverage this when promoting your offer. Large amounts of information are easier to take in when visualized. Using videos that demo your offer are therefore ideal to create intertest and enable prospects to learn more about your offer quickly.


  • A minimum of one video is recommended (up to a maximum of 5 are allowed).
  • Language in videos can be either local or English
  • Note, videos made in local language can have subtitles in English (no requirement).
  • Only include screenshots and demo of the newest UI.
  • Remember you are not allowed to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 logos or trademarks in your video.

For more information on how to create compelling video.


Example of a video that is set up according to our best practices: A product video from Open Door Technology

Supporting documents

Item Description
Supporting documents Add supporting sales and marketing assets such as white papers, brochures, checklists, or PowerPoint presentations. In this way, you enable prospects to learn more about your offer.


  • A minimum of one document is required (up to a maximum of 3 are allowed).
  • We recommend you to add the link to your app landing page to all your documents.
  • Think wisely about what content you include in the learn more section. Don't sell, educate the prospect.
  • Don't just include a description of your offer here – the prospect has already read the description in the store front details in AppSource and has shown an interest in your offering by clicking on the learn more item – don't discourage this interest by repeating something that they already know.
  • Instead, use this opportunity to show them something new that entices their interest to start using your offer even more.
  • Remember that you are not allowed to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 logos or trademarks in your supporting documents.


Item Description
Screenshots Pictures speak more directly to our brain than words. Your screenshots should therefore clearly demonstrate the claims you make and the functionality of your offer.


  • A minimum of 3 screenshots are required (up to a maximum of 5 are permitted).
  • Upload only .png images with a resolution on 1280 x 720 px.
  • Use images that demos your offer in Dynamics 365 Business Central and if possible, what problem your offer is solving.
  • Make sure to use the newsest Business Central UI.
  • Use screenshots that includes realistic demo data and tell a compelling story
  • Use visual images that highlights and demonstrates the key competitive differential between your product and others.
  • Our brains love contrast, so use comparisons if you can (i.e. screenshots of "before" and "after" using your offer).
  • Choose key visual elements to highlight rather than including a full screen of distracting, irrelevant content.
  • Remember you are not allowed to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 logos or trademarks in your screenshots.