Deprecated Features in the Icelandic Version of Dynamics 365 Business Central

This topic lists and describes the local functionality for Iceland that has been removed from Business Central, made available from a new page or report, or replaced by a new feature.

Icelandic Tax Regulations of Conditional Discounts

The local tax regulation of conditional discounts feature enables you to issue a credit memo if a conditional discount is given to a customer. The payment for a conditional discount must be made within a specified period.

Moved, Removed, or Replaced? Why?
Moved This feature is no longer specific to Iceland, so we have made it generally available in the standard product. There is a field for number series for credit invoices on the Sales and Receivables Setup form, and a field on the Customer Ledger Entry table to link the appropriate entries to a credit invoice.

Fields marked as ObsoleteState:Pending

The following fields are marked as ObsoleteState = Pending; in the IS version.

Table ID Field ID Comments
21 10900 Will be removed in a later release.
311 10900 Will be removed in a later release.

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