Deprecated Features in the Norwegian Version of Dynamics 365 Business Central

This topic lists and describes the local functionality for Norway that has been removed from Business Central, made available from a new page or report, or replaced by a new feature.

Multiple Interest Rates

When you create finance charge terms and reminder terms, for delayed payment penalty, you can specify multiple interest rates so that the penalty fee is calculated from different interest rates in different periods.

Moved, Removed, or Replaced? Why?
Moved The Multiple Interest Rates feature is no longer specific to Norway, so we have made it generally available in the standard product.

Paper Sources and Tray Numbers

When printing Norwegian sales documents, you can set up different tray numbers and paper sources on the first, last, and other pages.

Moved, Removed, or Replaced? Why?
Removed The feature is not used.

Fields marked as ObsoleteState:Pending

Currently, no fields are marked as ObsoleteState = Pending; in the NO version.

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