Deprecated Tables

INTRODUCED IN: Business Central 2020 release wave 1

Across the different versions of Business Central, a number of tables have been deprecated.

Changes in 2020 release wave 1

The following tables have been marked with an ObsoleteState:Removed. Code that uses the deprecated table or tables, must be rewritten to use the new table or tables. The deprecated tables are mapped as follows:

Deprecated Table Name New Table Name
NAV App Published Application
NAV App Object Metadata Application Object Metadata
NAV App Resource Application Resource
NAV App Dependencies Application Dependency
NAV App Tenant App Installed Application


The TempBLOB table is marked with ObsoleteState:Pending, however, we will remove the table in 2021 release wave 2. If you have code that depends on the TempBLOB table, you must rewrite it before 2021 release wave 2 becomes available. For example, consider using the BLOB Storage module in the System Application instead.

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