Get a List of Business Central Environments


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Business Central can have multiple environments. When working with a Business Central API, the name of the environment being connected to must to go into the endpoint URI. You can retrieve a list of environments deployed on the tenant by calling the environments endpoint as described in this article.


The HTTP request to this API must include the Authorization HTTP header, and the value must be an access token. For more information about how to obtain an access token, see Getting an access token.



Returns a wrapped array of environments.

    "value": [
            "aadTenantId": Guid, // ID of the Microsoft Entra tenant that owns the environment
            "applicationFamily": string, // Family of the environment (for example, "Business Central")
            "type": string, // Environment type (production or sandbox)
            "name": string, // Environment name, unique within an application family
            "countryCode": string, // Country or region where the environment is deployed
            "webServiceUrl": string, // Url to access the environment's service API
            "webClientLoginUrl": string // URL to login page of the environment

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