Tax Identification Types for Mexico

All customers and vendors must a have federal tax identification number. The identification type used for a customer or vendor depends on whether the customer or vendor is classified as a company or as a person.

Available Tax Identification Types

In Mexico, a legal entity, such as a company or a person, is assigned a tax identification number according to two types.

Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC)

This tax identification type can be applied to companies and to people. An RFC number for a company is 12 characters, while an RFC number for a person is 13 characters.

Cédula de identification fiscal con clave única de registro de población (CURP)

This tax identification type can only be applied to people. A CURP number is 18 characters.

When you create a new customer or vendor in Business Central, you specify whether the customer or vendor is a company or a person, and then you specify the tax identification type. The tax identification type and the tax identification number are included in any reports that reference tax information about a customer or vendor.

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