Print troubleshooting reports in the US version

The following troubleshooting reports are available to assist Microsoft Certified Partners with troubleshooting issues:

  • License Information report – This report contains the license number, the name of the licensed user, the application granules they purchased, and when the license expires, if applicable.
  • Data Dictionary report (report #10315) – This report allows you to print detailed table reference, field reference, and table properties for table objects.

You must have access to Business Central Object Designer, which is available only to administrators and only in Business Central Spring 2019 (v14) and earlier.

You can print these reports and send them to your Microsoft Certified Partner to help resolve issues with your Business Central implementation.

To print the license information report

  1. In Business Central Object Designer, on the Tools menu, choose License Information.
  2. On the License Information page, you can preview the license information, or you can choose the Export button to print the License Information report.

To print the data dictionary report

  1. In Business Central Object Designer, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.
  2. Choose the Report button.
  3. In the Type column, find ID 10315, which is the Data Dictionary report.
  4. On the Object Designer page, choose the Run button to open the Data Dictionary report.
  5. On the Options tab, enter the relevant information into the fields.
  6. Choose the Print button to print the report or choose the Preview button to view it on the screen.

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