Managing contacts

Employees in your company regularly meet prospective business relations that might develop into formal relationships. All such external contacts and their detailed information should be recorded in the system so that communication is more successful and so they can easily be converted to formal customer, vendor, or bank relationships.

Use the Contacts list to manage your contacts. From there, you can create opportunities and manage other interactions with individual contacts. You can also see statistics about a contact, and you can access a range of reports. For information about how to find the right contact in the list, see Sorting, Searching, and Filtering .

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the articles that describe them.

To See
Set up contact management prior to creating contacts. Set Up Contacts
Create a contact card for each new person or company that you interact with, such as a customer or vendor. Create Contacts
Set up profile questionnaires that you want to use when entering information about your contacts' profiles. Use Profile Questionnaires to Classify Business Contacts
Resolve confusion when two or more records exist for the same contact. Merge Duplicate Records

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