Business Central Quick Starts

Quick start articles help you get set up sooner so you can begin performing the basic Business Central functions you need.

The following sections offer beginner's guides that help you get familiar with the features you need in Business Central. In each quick start, you'll find links to more advanced content about the functionality, should you need it.

Provide basic information about your company

The first step is to provide the basic information about your company. This includes information such as address, bank accounts, value-added tax (VAT) number, and so on. You'll find it explained in the Company Information Quick Start.

Prepare basic financial information

Next, it's time to enter your company's financial information so you're ready to do business. Use Business Central's included chart of accounts (COA) to save time. And if you need to, you can customize it in a few steps by following the Financial Information Quick Start.

Learn how to customize and print reports and documents such as sales invoices to better suit your business needs in the Basic Reports and Documents Output Quick Start.

Sell products and services

Get quickly up and running selling products and services by following the Quick Start for Sales article.

Buy products and services

Learn how to buy products and services in the Quick Start for Procurement article.

Understand your company with business intelligence

Transform your business data into valuable insights using the tools demonstrated in the Business Intelligence Quick Start.

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