Set Up Salespeople

Many companies want to follow an individual employee's performance as a basis for calculating the sales commission or bonus. See, for example, the Salesperson Commissions report. A company may also want to assign a salesperson to each of their contacts.

When you have set up a salesperson on the Salespeople page, you can select it in the Salesperson Code field on all relevant records, such as G/L account, customer, vendor, contacts, and campaign cards. Then, when you post or set up invoices, credit memos, journal lines, finance charge activities, and so on, the salesperson code is carried to the resulting ledger entries.

To set up a salesperson code

  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter Salespeople, and then choose the related link.
  2. On the Salespeople page, choose the New action.

You can use salespeople in various relationship management and marketing work. For example, you can assign tasks to salespeople, so that the tasks are incorporated in sales opportunities that the salesperson are assigned to. For more information, see Set Up Opportunity Sales Cycles and Cycle Stages.

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