The QuickBooks Payroll file import extension

Use the QuickBooks Payroll File Import extension to import payroll transactions from QuickBooks to general ledger accounts in Business Central. For example, this is useful when you're transitioning from QuickBooks to Business Central, or if you outsource your payroll but also want to keep track of it in Business Central.

Steps to import payroll data

The first step is for you, or maybe your accountant, to use the export features in QuickBooks to export the payroll data to an .IIF file. The second step is to open the General Journals page in Business Central and use the Import Payroll Transactions action to import the file. During the import process, you map the general ledger accounts from QuickBooks to corresponding accounts in Business Central. The final step is to post the payroll transactions in Business Central according to the account mapping.

For more information, see Import Payroll Transactions.

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