Select an in-store topology

This article provides an overview of the various Dynamics 365 Commerce in-store topologies.

Choose the right store topology.

Supported capabilities when connectivity is lost

Operation Without connectivity to Commerce Scale Unit
(in Store Commerce app offline mode)
Without connectivity to headquarters
(Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted))
Cross terminal shifts (such as view, suspend, resume, close)
Cross terminal transactions (such as view, suspend, resume)

Supported operations when connectivity is lost

For a list of operations that are supported when the POS loses connectivity to headquarters, see Online and offline point of sale (POS) operations.

Supported deployment and maintenance capabilities

Mass deployment is supported in the Store Commerce app, but not in Commerce Scale Unit. For more information, see Mass deployment of self-service components.

Deployed components

The following components are deployed through a single installer. This means that they do not need to be installed individually.

Store Commerce app

Deployed component Component type Notes
Store Commerce app Windows Application The Store Commerce app running on the register.
Channel Database SQL Database Register specific Channel Database instance hosting data for the register.

Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted)

Installed component Component type Notes
Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted) IIS Web Service Scale unit specific Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted) instance used by one or more stores.
Channel Database SQL Database Scale unit specific Store specific Channel Database instance hosting data for one or more stores.
Async Client Service Windows Service Component to synchronize master record data from the headquarters to the store and transactional data from the store to the headquarters.
Store Commerce for web IIS Web Service Store Commerce for web application that hosts POS functionality through a web browser.

Additional resources

Store Commerce app offline mode

For more information about Store Commerce app offline mode, see:

Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted)

The Commerce Scale Unit (self-hosted) is a set of components that can be deployed in a customer environment, such as inside a store, that can support continuous operations if connectivity to the back office or headquarters is lost.

For more information, see: