Enrich a product page

This article describes how to enrich a product page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

By default, your site uses a generic page to show product data. This page includes the basic information about the product and the controls that are required to sell it. However, you can supplement the information that comes from the Commerce Scale Unit with additional images or text for a specific product. This process is known as enriching the product page.

In many cases, you will want to use specific additional content for your products. When you go to Retail and Commerce in the authoring tool, you will see a list of products from the channel that is assigned to the site. In this list, the Enriched column indicates whether the product page for a product has been enriched. If a check mark appears in the column, an enriched product page exists for the product. If no check mark appears, the default product page and content are used for the product. You can preview both enriched and non-enriched product pages by selecting a product name in the list.

Enrich a product page

To enrich a product page, follow these steps.

  1. Under Sites, select Fabrikam (or the name of your site).
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, select Products.
  3. Select any product that doesn't have an enriched product page.
  4. On the Action Pane, select Enrich product page.
  5. Select PDP-template, and then select OK.
  6. In the page outline tree on the left, expand the Main slot.
  7. Select the ellipsis button (...) for the Main slot, and then select Add Module.
  8. Select Container 2, and then select OK.
  9. Select the ellipsis button for Container 2, and then select Add Module.
  10. Select Feature, and then select OK.
  11. In the properties pane on the right, in the Rich Text field, enter the updated description of the product.
  12. In the Heading field, enter heading text, and then select OK.
  13. Select Save, and then select Finish editing.
  14. In the Comments field, enter Enriched a product, and then select OK.
  15. Select Preview to preview the enriched product page. When you've finished, close the preview tab to return to the authoring tool.
  16. Select Publish.

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