Feature deprecations for Universal Resource Scheduling

Features that have been deprecated in Universal Resource Scheduling are listed in this article.

Administrators and IT professionals can use this information to prepare for future releases.


"Deprecated" means we intend to remove the feature or capability in a major future release. The feature or capability will continue to work and is fully supported until it is officially removed. This deprecation notification will span at least six months. After removal, the feature or capability will no longer work. We are notifying you now so that you have sufficient time to plan and update your code before the feature or capability is removed.

Deprecated: Configuration to automatically create a booking when an appointment is created

Effective from April 01, 2021, the configuration to automatically create a booking when an appointment is created is deprecated. Customers who already use the new schedule board should start moving to the improved way of including appointments without needing corresponding bookings. Those customers who rely on functions of the old schedule board that are not in the new schedule board (such as assisted scheduling / Find Availability) should note that parity between the old and new schedule board is planned for October 2021. End of life for the deprecated configuration that handles appointments through bookings is planned for April 2022, and customers should plan accordingly to migrate to the new functionality that directly includes appointments.