Give consent to use Copilot in Customer Insights - Data

There are three levels of consent to use generative AI Copilot features in Customer Insights - Data. Consent is global for all users and all Copilot features in Customer Insights - Data.

  • Enable Copilot features powered by Azure OpenAI: On indicates you agree to enable all Copilot and/or Bing Search-powered features and acknowledge that AI-generated content should be reviewed. Default is On.

  • Allow cross-geography data flow for Copilot features: On indicates you agree that data may be stored and processed outside of your geographic region, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance. If you're in a region where Azure OpenAI is deployed such as the United States and Switzerland, this field doesn't display (the default is On and can't be changed). Default is Off for all other regions where Azure OpenAI isn't deployed. To view where Azure OpenAI services are currently deployed, see Azure products by region.

  • Allow data sharing for Copilot features: On indicates you agree to allow Microsoft to capture and review inputs, outputs, and telemetry from Copilot features to improve Microsoft's models, features, and services. Customer Insights - Data only displays the consent and doesn't allow for edits; this consent must be provided in the Power Platform Admin Center. Default is Off.

  • A Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Data admin role is required to change consent for opt-in and cross-geography levels.

  • A Power Platform Admin Center administrator role is required to change data sharing consent.

  1. Go to Settings > System and select the Consent tab.

    Screenshot of the Consent tab in System Settings.

  2. Enable or disable consent.

  3. Select Save.

International availability

To learn about the languages and regions that are supported, see the Copilot International Availability report.