Schedule system refresh

Schedule automatic refreshes of all your ingested data sources. Automatic refreshes help ensure that updates from your data sources are reflected in your unified customer profiles.

Set system refresh schedule

  1. Go to Settings > System and select the Schedule tab.

    Schedule refresh tab from System page.

  2. The default state for the scheduled refresh is Off. To enable scheduled refreshes, change the toggle at the top of the screen to On.

  3. Choose between Weekly and Daily refreshes. If you intend to schedule weekly refreshes, select one or more days on which you want to run the refresh.

  4. Set your Time zone, then use the Time dropdown to set your refresh timing. If you'd like to schedule multiple refreshes in a single day, select Add another time. You can add up to four refreshes.

  5. Select Save to apply your changes.


If you change an existing system refresh date, it might impact custom schedules for segments and measures causing them to not run as scheduled. Check the schedules for both segments and measures.