Enrich company profiles with Leadspace (preview)

Leadspace is a data science company that provides a B-to-B Customer Data Platform. It enables environments with unified customer profiles based on accounts to enrich their data. Enrich Customer profiles with attributes such as company size, location, or industry. Enrich Contact profiles with attributes such as title, persona, or email verification.


Configure the connection for Leadspace

You must be an administrator in Customer Insights and have the “perpetual key” (referred to as Leadspace token).

  1. Select Add connection when configuring an enrichment or go to Admin > Connections and select Set up on the Leadspace tile.

    Leadspace connection configuration page.

  2. Enter a name for the connection and a valid Leadspace token.

  3. Review the data privacy and compliance and select I agree.

  4. Select Verify to validate the configuration and then select Save.

Configure the enrichment

  1. Go to Data > Enrichment and select the Discover tab.

  2. Select Enrich my data on the Company data from Leadspace tile.

    Screenshot of the Leadspace tile.

  3. Review the overview and then select Next.

  4. Select the connection. Contact an administrator if no connection is available.

  5. Select Next.

  6. Select the Customer data set and choose the profile or segment you want to enrich with company data from Leadspace. The Customer entity enriches all your customer profiles whereas a segment enriches only customer profiles contained in that segment.

    Screenshot when choosing the customer data set.

  7. Define which type of fields from your unified profiles to use for matching: the primary and/or secondary address. You can specify a field mapping for both addresses and enrich the profiles for both addresses separately. For example, for a home address and a business address. Select Next.

  8. Map your fields to the company data from Leadspace. The Name of company field is required. For a higher match accuracy, up to two other fields, Company website and Company location, can be added.

    Leadspace field-mapping pane.

  9. Select Next to complete the field mapping.

  10. Select the checkbox if you have Contact profiles that you would like to enrich. Customer Insights will automatically map the required fields.

    Leadspace contact records enrichment.

  11. Select Next.

  12. Provide a Name for the enrichment and the Output entity name.

  13. Select Save enrichment after reviewing your choices.

  14. Select Run to start the enrichment process or close to return to the Enrichments page.

View enrichment results

After a completed enrichment run, select the enrichment to review the results.

The results show the number of enriched profiles and the number of enriched profiles over time. The Enriched customers preview card shows a sample of the generated enrichment entity. To see a detailed view, select See more and select the Data tab.

For more information, see Leadspace APIs.

Next steps

Build on top of your enriched customer data. Create segments and measures by selecting the icons on the command bar. You can also export the data to deliver personalized experiences to your customers.