Overview of marketing settings in outbound marketing


This article only applies to outbound marketing.

The Settings work area contains pages that let you configure the core marketing functionality of Customer Insights - Journeys. See the following topics for information about how to work with each page in the Marketing settings section:

  • Lead scoring: Configure a few basic options that control how automatic lead scoring works on your instance, including how scores can advance leads can through the marketing business process and how to handle stopped scoring models.
  • Domains: Set up and authenticate domains to maximize email deliverability and enable embedding of Customer Insights - Journeys forms on your own website.
  • Marketing analytics configuration: Enable sharing of interaction data with external systems such as Power BI. See also Create custom analytics with Power BI.
  • Landing pages: Set up a privacy banner, set hosting defaults, and configure defaults for how data submitted through a landing page form is matched to existing contact or lead record
  • Marketing data configuration: Choose which entities to make available for use in dynamic email content, segmentation criteria, and lead scoring.
  • Matching strategy: Define how form submissions are matched to existing contacts or leads when deciding whether to update an existing record or to create a new one.
  • Default marketing settings: Set up collections of settings that establish various defaults used throughout the app, including for email marketing, customer journey timezone, double opt-in, and email deduplication during sending.
  • Social configuration: Configure and authenticate each social media account where you'd like to author, schedule, and post updates using Customer Insights - Journeys.
  • Data protection tools: Enable data privacy features of Customer Insights - Journeys. For more information, including how to use the settings here, see Data protection and privacy.