Customize the journey designer in Customer Insights - Journeys

Customization of your customer journeys is now available in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys. Not only can you use out-of-the-box Customer Insights - Journeys capabilities to engage customers, but you can also now create personalized, flexible, and efficient solutions through Power Apps to better tailor Customer Insights - Journeys to meet your specific business needs.

For example, you can extend the journey canvas, adding custom fields through Dataverse to streamline your business processes for higher efficiency. This allows you to add custom fields such as "Campaign" to your journeys to better manage your assets, collaborate amongst your team members, and give you more flexibility to create customized analytics reports.

Here's how you can achieve the above scenario through adding a campaign field in the new journey designer in Customer Insights - Journeys:

  1. Go to Power Apps, and find the ‘Journey’ table under Dataverse -> Tables

dataverse tables

  1. Go to Data experiences -> Forms to access the new journey designer form

data experiences forms

  1. Choose ‘Main’ under ‘Form type’ to get started.

form type

  1. You can now add new fields under ‘Settings’ under the new journey form.

new journey form

  1. Go to ‘Components’ to add a new section. Select the ‘campaign’ field under the new section.

new journey campaign

  1. Your customized fields will then render under the ‘Settings’ pane on the journey designer.

Warning: Please note that if you add a new tab on the journey designer, it will not be rendered. Only sections and fields under Settings show up on the journey canvas.