Add a default signature template to a queue

You can add a default signature template for a queue to ensure that emails sent with the queue as the sender have consistent email signatures. When you send an email with the queue as the sender or reply to messages received by the queue, the default signature is added to the body of the email. If you don't specify a default signature template for a queue, the application adds the signature queue's owner.


Email signature templates must be available before adding them to a queue.

Set up default email signature for queues

  1. Go to one of the admin apps, and perform the following steps:

    1. In the site map, select Queues in Customer support.

    2. On the Queues page, select Manage for Basic queues.

  2. To create a queue, select New. To edit a queue, select the queue in the list of queues, and then select Edit on the command bar.

  3. In the EMAIL SETTINGS section, specify the signature template in Email Signature.

Add a default signature template.

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