Configure analytics and insights dashboards

You can enable and configure the Customer Service Insights features and services and share them with service managers, who can then view and analyze different activities. You can configure the features and services in Customer Service admin center app, and they can be viewed on both the Customer Service Hub and Customer Service workspace apps.


Settings for the Power BI template applications are separate from these services.

Configuration details

See the following articles for configuring analytics and insights:

Configure user access to analytics and dashboards

Users with the system administrator or supervisor role can access the analytics and dashboards. To grant other users access to analytics and dashboards, go the Power Platform admin center and perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Power Platform admin center and select your environment.

  2. In the Access section, under Security roles, select See all. A list of security roles available in the environment is displayed.

  3. To add privileges to an existing role, select a role from the list of security roles, and then select Edit on the navigation bar.

    If you'd like to create a new role for analytics users, then perform the following steps:

    a. Select New role on the navigation bar. The New Security role dialog opens.
    b. On the Details tab, enter a name in the Role Name field.

  4. Select the Custom Entities tab, move through the list of analytics reports, and then grant Read privileges for the following:


    For custom roles, select Read privileges for the entities used by historical and real-time analytics, as applicable.

  5. Select Save and close.

  6. On the Security roles page, select the role that you just created or updated, and then select Add people to add users to the role.


  • To bookmark a report, grant Create, Read, Write, and Delete privileges to the security roles as applicable, for the Report Bookmark custom entity.
  • To edit analytics reports, grant the Analytics Report Author role. For information about assigning user roles, go to Assign roles to users.

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