Enable tables for queues in unified routing

Any record that you want to enable for routing needs to be enabled for queues.

Enable a table for queues

  1. In Power Apps, select the environment that contains your solution.

  2. Select Tables and then select the required table such as Account or Email for which you want to enable queues.

  3. In Table properties, select Properties.

  4. Select Advanced options, and then select Can be added to a queue in the Rows in this table section .

  5. Select Save.


  • You can't disable the table, if you enable it for a queue. The app disables the Can be added to a queue checkbox after you select it.
  • If you enable the option When the rows are created or assigned, move them to the owner's default queue, in the table customization, then the record won't be automatically distributed to the agents. You must clear the checkbox to automatically distribute the records.

Automatic record movement to the agent's default queue.

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