Create and manage resource categories

With bookable resource categories, you can group your bookable resources by type. For example, you can create categories like technician, supervisor, subcontractor, vehicle, or equipment.

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Create a new resource category

Make sure that you have the required security role or equivalent permissions.

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You can create a new resource category in the Customer Service admin center or Customer Service Hub app.

  1. Go to one of the apps, and perform the following steps.

    1. In the site map, select Service Scheduling in Operations. The Service Scheduling page appears.

    2. In the Resource categories section, select Manage.

      The Active Resource Categories view is displayed. You can switch between various system views using the drop-down list.

  2. On the command bar, select New to create a new bookable resource category.

  3. In the General section:

    • Enter a Name and a Description for the resource category
  4. Select Save. A new resource category is created and is activated by default.

  5. In the Related section, you can view and manage various resource category associations.

    resource categories.

Similarly, you can create a new requirement resource category for requirements.

Add resources to a resource category

To assign resources to a resource category:

  1. In the Related section, go to Resource Category Associations.

  2. Select Add New Bookable Resource Category Association. A resource category is populated.

  3. Add a resource to this resource category by selecting a resource in the Resource box. You can either lookup for an existing resource or create a new one.

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