Microsoft.CIFramework methods (Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework 1.0 JavaScript API reference)

Microsoft CIFramework provides methods to use JavaScript API to manage the communication panel, records, and forms in the Dynamics 365 model-driven app.


  • The CIFInitDone event handler must be invoked before calling the other APIs.
  • The time-out limit for the APIs is 10 seconds. If the APIs don't run within 10 seconds, they must be run again with changed parameters or scope.

Communication panel management APIs

The communication panel is where you, as an agent, interact with the customer. Partner widgets built using Channel Integration Framework 1.0 are loaded in this panel. The widget in this version is displayed to the right of the screen, and supports Docked and Minimized modes.

Use the following APIs to manage the state of the communication panel (widget).

Methods Description
setWidth Sets the panel width for all the sessions.
getWidth Gets the panel width in pixels.
setMode Sets the state of the panel.
getMode Sets the state of the panel.

CRUD operations APIs

Use the following APIs to perform CRUD operations on entity records.

Methods Description
createRecord Creates an entity record.
retrieveRecord Retrieves an entity record.
updateRecord Updates an entity record.
deleteRecord Deletes an entity record.

Miscellaneous methods

Methods Description
getEntityMetadata Returns the entity metadata for the specified entity.
setClickToAct Sets a Boolean value to enable or disable the outbound communication (ClickToAct).
getClickToAct Returns a Boolean value to indicate whether the outbound communication (ClickToAct) is enabled or not.
searchAndOpenRecords The method searches for the record from the communication widget during the inbound communication and opens the record.
getEnvironment Gets the current Unified Interface app and page details. The details include application ID (appid), page type (pagetype), and record ID (id) if they are available.
openForm Opens an entity form or a quick create form.
renderSearchPage Allows you to search among the records of a particular entity type. This API opens the Unified Interface entity page with the search field on it prepopulated with the search string that is passed as a parameter.
addHandler Adds the subscriber to the events.


This API can be used on both the widget and Unified Interface page.

removeHandler Removes the subscriber from the events.


This API can be used on both the widget and Unified Interface page.

raiseEvent Invokes the associated subscriber for the event.


If you've created custom events using the addHandler method, then you can raise those events by passing the event name as parameter in this method.

updateContext This method allows you to set the automation dictionary.

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