Configure Knowledge search insights for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The knowledge search analytics dashboard is designed to provide your organization's customer service supervisors and knowledge workers with valuable insights into how your support agents are finding and using knowledge articles.


Knowledge search analytics will not provide information about customer search behavior. Data is only from internal knowledge searches.

Configure the Knowledge search analytics dashboard

You can enable the knowledge search analytics dashboard in the Customer Service admin center or Customer Service Hub app.

Enable the Knowledge search analytics dashboard

  1. Go to one of the apps, and perform the following steps.

    1. In the site map, select Insights in Operations. The Insights page appears.
    2. In the Knowledge search analytics section, select Manage.

    The Knowledge search analytics page is displayed.

  2. Set the Enable knowledge search analytics report toggle to On.

  3. Select Save or Save & Close.

View Customer Service knowledge search analytics reports

The service managers must have the System Administrator, Knowledge Manager, or CSR Manager role to view the reports.

You can see the reports by navigating to the Service > Insights > Knowledge search analytics page. Search term insights are displayed.

Provide report access to additional security roles

If your organization needs to enable users with different privileges to access reports in addition to the default ones, see Assign a security role to a user.


The knowledge base analytics dashboard supports only English content and is available only in organizations that have the base language set as English.

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