Keyboard navigation support for the Customer Service Hub

Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service supports moving around the Customer Service Hub (formerly known as Interactive Service hub) using the keyboard.

The Customer Service Hub app is based on Unified Interface. To see the list of keyboard shortcuts that apply to an app based on Unified Interface, see Use keyboard shortcuts in Dynamics 365 Customer Service applications.

To do Select
Go to the next tab stop in the defined tab stop order. The tab order is from left to right and top to bottom. Tab
Go to the previous tab in the tab order. Shift + Tab
Go to the next section or major component for example to go to the next stream in the dashboard. F8
Go to the previous section. This shortcut can't be used on Mozilla Firefox for the intended purpose. Shift + F8
Move to the next item in a list or in a group of options. Down Arrow
Move to the previous item in a list or in a group of options. Up Arrow
Expand a collapsed control. Right Arrow
Collapse an expanded control. Left Arrow
Select a check box or make a selection. Spacebar
Perform or complete an action, such as clicking a link or searching for records based on keywords. Enter
Close or cancel an alert or flyout. Esc
Select multiple continuous records in a list or queue. Shift + Down/Up arrow
Select multiple discontinuous records in a list or queue. Press Ctrl, go to the desired record, and then use the spacebar to select the record

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