Convert a case to a Knowledge article

There are times when existing knowledge articles don't contain relevant information for resolving a case. You, as an agent, can now contribute to the knowledge base by turning all information that's been researched for a case into a knowledge article. You can convert one case into multiple knowledge articles.

  1. Make sure you have Create permissions on the Knowledge Article entity.

  2. In the list of active cases, open the one that has the information that you want to convert to a knowledge article.

  3. On the command bar, select the ellipsis (...) and go to Convert To > To Knowledge Article.

    The Convert to Knowledge Article dialog box opens. The title, owner, and subject of the article are populated based on the title, owner, and subject of the case. The content of the article is automatically populated with the description of the case. If the case is resolved, the content field shows the case description, case resolution, and case resolution description.

  4. If you want to open the newly-created article, select the Open the new knowledge article field to set it to Yes, and then select Convert. Otherwise, set it to No.

  5. If you set Open the new knowledge article to Yes, a knowledge article form opens. Fill in the necessary information for the knowledge article, and then select the Save button. More information: Create and manage knowledge articles

The knowledge article is created regardless of whether you set Open the new knowledge article to Yes or No.

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