Entity Reference for Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Use this reference to understand the available operations that can be performed on specific entities, the default attributes of each entity, and the relationship between entities.

Following is a simplified version of the entity relationship diagram of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice entities. You can generate a detailed entity relationship diagram of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice entities using the Metadata Diagram tool. To do this, you will just have to mention the entity logical names as parameters while executing the sample. More information: Use metadata to generate entity diagrams.

Simplified entity relationship diagram.


Entity name Description
msfp_alert Alerts created in Customer Voice.
msfp_alertrule Rule for creating alerts in Customer Voice.
msfp_emailtemplate Template for an email message that contains the survey invitation link.
msfp_localizedemailtemplate Stores localized data for email templates.
msfp_question Question in a survey to collect feedback.
msfp_questionresponse Response to a question in a survey.
msfp_survey Set of questions to collect feedback.
msfp_surveyinvite Activity that tracks a survey invitation sent to a person.
msfp_surveyreminder Email reminders for surveys created in Customer Voice.
msfp_surveyresponse Response to a survey.
msfp_project Set of surveys to collect feedback.
msfp_unsubscribedrecipient Email address of an unsubscribed respondent.
msfp_satisfactionmetric Satisfaction metric defined for a project.

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