Add branding to a survey

You can customize the appearance of your survey to match your company's branding. This includes changing the color, font, or uploading a background image.

To add branding to a survey

  1. Open the survey.

  2. On the Design tab, select Customization at the right side of the page, and then select Branding.

    Branding menu item.

    The Branding panel is displayed.

    Branding panel.

  3. Update the branding options, as described in the following sections.


You can now edit the header directly on the survey. Try adding a new style or background image to your header design by selecting the appropriate link in the Branding panel.

Theme color

You can select a color to apply to various survey elements such as the survey header, question area, background, footer, and buttons. This lets you customize the look and feel of your survey so it better matches your company's brand.

  • Expand the Theme color section, and then do one of the following:

    • Select the default color to open the color picker, and then choose a color.

      Choose a color from the color picker.

    • Enter a hexadecimal code in the HEX # field.

      Enter a hexadecimal code.


You can select a font to apply to the survey header and body elements.

  • Expand the Fonts section, and then choose values for the following:

    • Header font is applied to the survey header, survey description, section header, and section description. By default, the header font is Segoe UI.

    • Body font is applied to questions, answer options, button labels, header text, and footer text. By default, the body font is Segoe UI.

    Choose fonts for your survey.

You can also change font style, font size, and the color of the text for individual elements of the survey. More information: Format text in a survey


You can select a background image for the survey. The image must be within the following parameters:

  • Maximum file size: 5 MB.
  • Supported formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Maximum resolution: 4000 x 3000 (width x height)
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3

To upload a background image

  • Expand the Background section, and then select Upload. You can choose an image from your local drive or OneDrive.

    Upload background image.

To remove an existing background image

  • Expand the Background section, and then select Remove.

    Remove background image.

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