Use Teams mobile to annotate in a user's environment (preview)

[This article is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.]

You can annotate in calls with Microsoft Teams mobile users if you have a Dynamics 365 Guides, Remote Assist, or Field Service licenses. Microsoft Teams desktop users can annotate in a mobile user's space. Use the Spatial Annotations toolbar in Teams to add annotations.


  • This is a preview feature.
  • Preview features aren't meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback.
  1. While in a Teams mobile call, select Spatial Annotations.

    Screenshot of Teams on a mobile phone showing the Spatial Annotations selection

  2. Use the Spatial Annotations toolbar to place arrows or draw in your space for other callers to see or annotate in another user's space.

    Button Description
    Add an arrow. To add an arrow, tap where you want to place the arrow. To control the direction of the arrow, tap, hold, and rotate the arrow until it's facing the desired direction. To change the size of the arrow, tap, hold, and drag to the size you want. Release to lock the arrow in place.
    Add ink (draw).
    Change the arrow or ink color.
    Undo the most recent annotation you added.
    To delete all annotations that you added, select this button, and then select Delete Annotations. This action doesn't clear annotations made by other users.


    Each call participant can only undo and delete their own annotations.

  3. When you’re done annotating, close the toolbar. All annotations persist even after you stop editing.