Optimization summary report

The optimization summary report in the Resource Scheduling Optimization Add-in analyzes automatically scheduled bookings and the effect they had on the business.

Before you start

To run the report, the Resource Scheduling Optimization administrator needs to publish at least one optimization schedule. 

Filters and slicers

Report metrics

To access the admin report, open Resource Scheduling Optimization and go to Analytics > Reports.

Screenshot of a Resource Scheduling Optimization summary report.

Booking scheduled

Total number of bookings scheduled.

Resources allocated

Number of resources allocated.

Work time allocated (hrs.)

The total work time of all allocated resources.

Travel time allocated (hrs.)

Sum of the travel time of all allocated resources.

Total times allocation (hrs.)

Distribution of work time and travel time in the scheduled bookings.

Resource time allocation

List of each resource's scheduled bookings, locked bookings, work time, and travel time. Overbooked resources are highlighted.

Least allocated resources

Ranks the resources by lowest usage to help dispatchers assign jobs on short notice.

Territory summary

Shows optimized territories on a map with the ability to drill down.

Booking metrics by territory

List of scheduled bookings, work time allocated, and travel time allocated for each territory.

Next steps