Work offline and update offline data

To work in areas without internet access, the app downloads important information to the mobile device for a seamless experience. When the device connects to the internet, data automatically syncs with the server.

An administrator has to configure the offline profile for the app before technicians can download the data. For more information, see Configure offline capabilities in the Field Service mobile app

Downloading the offline data can take some time. You can check the download progress and status from the header of the app.

Devices with the mobile app, showing the offline status.

Your administrator defines which data is available offline and how often the app looks for changes on the server. To manually update the data on the device, open the app navigation and select the globe icon. In the Offline Status page, select Update offline data.

Devices with the mobile app, showing how to get to the update offline data option.

To sync specific views, for example, to check for new bookings or work order updates, open the view and select Refresh in the footer.

Devices showing the mobile app, with attention to the refresh option.