CFO overview Power BI content

This article describes the CFO overview Microsoft Power BI content. This Power BI content applies to those using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance version 7.2. If you are using version 7.3 or later, please refer to Financial Insights.

Accessing the Power BI content

Reports from the CFO overview Power BI content are shown in the CFO overview workspace.

Reports that are included in the Power BI content

The CFO overview Power BI content is a composite of reports from various other Power BI content, together with some actual and budget balances from General ledger. Therefore, this Power BI content gives the chief financial officer (CFO) an overview of the organization.

The following table shows the Power BI content that the reports are copied from and the reports that are provided in the CFO overview workspace. Links are provided to the documentation for the various Power BI content.

Power BI content that is included Reports
Financial performance
  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Net income
  • Gross margin
  • Current ratio
  • Total accounts payable
  • Total accounts receivable
  • Expenses by account category
  • Expenses - Actual vs budget
  • Revenue - Actual vs budget
Cash overview
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Bank account balance
  • Balance by currency
Sales and profitability
  • Revenue by region
  • Top 10 customers by revenue
  • Top 10 products by revenue
Credit and collections management
  • Customer past due
  • Customers over credit limit
  • Aged balances
Purchase spend analysis
  • Purchases by month/day
  • Top 10 vendors by purchases
  • Top 10 products by purchases