ALLITEMS ER function

The ALLITEMS function runs as an in-memory selection and returns a new flattened Record list value as a list of records that represents all items that match the specified path.




path: Record list

The valid path of a data source of the Record list data type.

Return values

Record list

The resulting list of records.

Usage notes

The path must be defined as a valid data source path of a data source element of the Record list data type. Data elements such as the path string and date should raise an error in the Electronic reporting (ER) expression builder at design time.

We don't recommend that you use this function for transactional data sources that might contain a large volume of data. Instead, consider using the ALLTEMSQUERY function.

Example 1

If you enter SPLIT("abcdef" , 2) as data source DS, the expression COUNT( ALLITEMS (DS)) returns 3.

Example 2

If you enter Vend as the data source of the Record list data type that refers to the VendTable application table, the expression ALLITEMS (Vend.'<Relations'.ContactPerson) returns a flattened list of records that has the ContactPerson table structure and contains all contact persons that can be accessed by using the ContactPerson.ContactForParty == VendTable.Party relation, and that is available for all vendors from the referenced vendor table.

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