The ENUMERATE function returns a new Record list value that consists of enumerated records of the specified list.




list: Record list

The valid path of a data source of the Record list data type.

Return values

Record list

The resulting list of records.

Usage notes

The list of enumerated records that is returned exposes the following additional elements:

  • The record of fields (Value component)
  • The current record index (Number component)


In the following illustration, an Enumerated data source is created as an enumerated list of vendor records from the Vendors data source that refers to the VendTable table.

Enumerated data source

The following illustration shows the Electronic reporting (ER) format. In this format, data bindings are created to generate output in XML format. This output presents individual vendors as enumerated nodes.

Format that has data bindings

The following illustration shows the result when the designed format is run.

Result of running the format

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